Compression Therapy

BENEFITS overall wellness

  Removes toxins

  Accelerates recovery time

  Promotes lymphatic drainage

  Flushes lactic acid from limbs

  Reduces inflammation & swelling

  Increases circulation & blood flow​

BENEFITS beauty & spa

  Reduces inflammation

  Reduces swelling in legs & feet

  Helps prevent 1st stage varicose veins

  Helps eliminate 1st stage varicose veins

  Accelerates recovery time post surgery

We provide 2 compression therapy brands at Frigid -- NormaTec & Rapid Reboot.  Both compression systems we offer are FDA cleared to provide compression and reduce swelling in the extremities.  Compression therapy is used to decrease inflammation and swelling in the extremities through the breakdown and removal of lactic acid. It also promotes healthy circulation and rapid muscle recovery. We offer arm, hip, and leg attachments so clients can focus on the desired area of their choice.

Compression therapy is comparable to a light massage and is not cold. Our Compression lounge is very cozy... many clients spend their lunch break with us enjoying this service!



"I am 38 weeks pregnant and very swollen. I came to Frigid for relief. When I walked in I couldn't see my ankles and when I left - I could! The therapy is so relaxing. I was able to take a nap and just have some "me" time. They even have Netflix so I also caught up on a show! This therapy is amazing for any pregnant lady wanting relief from swelling or just a relaxing experience by herself."  --Lisa