Who Are the Ladies Behind Frigid 

Managing Partners
Courtney & Cecily The “Snow Queens” 

Courtney and Cecily are identical twins originally from Nashville, TN and moved to SC early in high school. They fell in love with the art of dance at an early age of 4 and danced up until they were in their late 20’s. They both competed on a local dance team while attending high school. After high school, they went on to dance for the Greenville Grrrowl, Carolina Rhinos and the Greenville Groove Basketball team. 

After their dance era, they both became very busy with their full time office jobs. Courtney worked in Marketing/Design while Cecily had always worked in Sales… The perfect combo for any new business! JC, Courtney’s husband, is a Chiropractor which completed the trio perfect for Frigid. 

The twins had always wanted to open a business of their own that focused on health & wellness. JC came across this new modern day form of an ice bath while surfing the internet - CRYOTHERAPY. They all quickly realized the therapy would be beneficial to the Upstate and that there wasn’t any one around offering the services.

And just like that – Frigid was born! 

Courtney & Cecily still enjoy dancing … but now it’s around the house with their little ones. Clients come in and get them mixed up all the time, “which is quite funny Courtney says”! “The clients don’t realize there are 2 of us”. 

If you visit Frigid at the Pelham Rd location or Augusta location … you will most likely meet one of the twins – the question is which one!


Dream destination?  Italy  Favorite meal? Lobster Mac-N-Cheese   Cats or Dogs?  My rescue dogs of course!  Mantra?  Be true to myself no matter what others think.


Travel back in time – when?  I would travel to 1969. (Woodstock! ✌🏼)  Child dream? To be on American Idol until I grew up and realized that I can't sing.  If you could go to any fictional place, where would it be? Hogwarts  Spend your free time? Read, my favorite genre is fantasy!  If you could be any mythical creature what would it be? A pixie.


Favorite sport to watch? College basketball Duke University Blue Devils.  What fictional place would you most like to visit?  Hogwarts  What in your life gives you the most satisfaction? Being a mother.  Where do I feel most out of place? The hair salon ... lol!  Where is the best place to meet awesome people? Frigid Cryotherapy!