​Local CryoTherapy is a treatment that uses extremely cold temperatures to help alleviate pain, inflammation, joint problems, and similar afflictions. It enhances circulation, which increase the amount of oxygen-rich blood available to key areas of the body. 


Local CryoTherapy is a great alternative to Whole Body CryoTherapy. It can be used in conjunction with a Whole Body session or as a stand alone.  This treatment is great to target a problem area; such as  an ankle, knee, hip, wrist, shoulder or neck. The Local Wand enables the tech to focus on 1 specific area.


There are no age restrictions or contraindications currently with this service

Benefits​ for LOCALcryo

  • During a Local Session, tissue temperature is lowered. This decreases inflammation and helps to dampen pain receptors around joints.

  • Tissue Blood Perfusion is achieved (High doses of cold temperatures cause vascoconstriction of the skin)

  • Cold temperatures and known for having an analgesic effect, thus helping to Relieve Pain

  • Function Improves after treatment, patients report an increased range of motion in joints.

  • No age restrictions

  • No contraindications


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